The Chinese adventure

Facing the very little perspective in Belarus, i decided to investigate further horizon. On the way to Vietnam, i stopped in Guangdong where i found a perfect environment for my activity. First of all some sub-contracting then my own workshop, and slowly by slowly Morosof born

at the beginning some sub-contracting...

a disaster

2000 - the beginning inside insalubrious building

2001 - Beginning of collaboration with Arnold de Vinck

2003 - Louna & Manuella arrived in China

2003 - My wife, Hélène is heading the administration. Creation of  Morosof Ltd.

Yan, just post teenager, acquiring fast an uncommon workmanship and becomes production supervisor, today he's probably one of the best master in all China


Ann, te prototypiste

KKam, "warehouse assistant" at the beginning, quickly becomes responsible of the technical developments

Ju Shuaixing, second best craftsmen in China...?

Awood, kiknamed Superwood, the third....

Bill,has started as carving assistant...he became the technical leader he supervised the building of the sailboats

2003 - Vincent, our first trainer teaching Elvis and his team

Elvisour, started as sander master becomes the  chief upholsterer

2005 - Arnold at work on the new Gustave & Louis collection

2004 - Miguel, our 2d trainer   

2006 - Marie, (the lady with the apron) third trainer at the upholstery department

2005-2006 - Willy, master upholsterer, ex-supervisor at Duchatelet & Massant

Ji Renguo - Carver master

Jenia Shadrina, formatrice peinture et vieillissement du bois.

Artemy Popov, , trainer for painting department

Tim, techincal & automation

Bil, R&D

Man Bai Pail, supervisor painting department

Fan, paintings

Vincent, implementation website & database

Joshua, specialist Tinyerp / Openerp / ODOO

Cherry, reponsable administratif

San San, accountant and administrative assistant 

Rosa, director of production

Amy, directeur administratif

Sera, production planning

Shirley, director of financial

Odoo CMS - une grande photo


 prêt à s'envoler