Odoo CMS - une grande photo

“Deliberate complexity is the label of an amateur. Elegant simplicity is the label of a master”

the little story...

Frustrated by the limitations inflicted by my customers, I often wondered why not drawing my own models, but my daily occupations as a factory manager absorbed most of my time and I spent my days solving these precise, mentioned above, constraints. So I never found the time to devote to myself.


On another hand I was quite perplexed about my own capacity to create a good design which moreover had to be commercial, and I was concerned that I would waste my, a so precious time.  

So, one day...I'm in front of my favorite CAD software and hop!... the delirante table appears almost instantly...  

my wife, seeing something strange appearing on my screen asks:

What the H... is that?  

A table with 3 legs... I answered her

and why not a table with 4 legs like everybody else? she asked me 

Euh, well... it's more economical. I answered her, by smiling

the 3 Complex...

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

Three legs for a massive table...


The first concept "instability" was firmly anchored

(complex: Wandering Jewish)

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

Instable, ok. But it has to be heavy, solid and very strong

Second concept: "big"

(complex: Napoléon)

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

Strong, ok...but it also has to be light in same time 

even tough it's little complicated 

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

aaah... a head breaker...that's nicet  

very well

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

or a feet breaker    

Third concept: "Complications"

(Complexe: Chinese)

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

All this is a little bit... 

Odoo CMS - une grande photo